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Welcome to Living Blog


Diving instructors at Living Colours

Hello all divers, snorkelers and nature lovers around the world! Living Colours Diving Resort and Bunaken National Marine Park has always many interesting things happening and interesting people visiting, and that's why I thought about creating a dive resort blog called Living Blog. Tadaa, here it is, not much content yet but there will be. Not just about the fish and marine life (like yesterday our dmt Andreas saw an mola-mola in divesite Siladen jetty) but also about things to see and do in North Sulawesi, interviews, staff introductions, PADI courses and what ever comes to our little minds.

Blog's writers:

Heini Härsilä
Diving instructor / Videographer / SOME specialist

Island's very own crazy cat woman loves good vegetarian food, great movies & tv series and filming/editing undewater videos. Heini's been working for Living Colours few years, mainly taking care of Finnish dive students and some office stuff when needed. You'll find her and her sun burned nose around at all times, morning 'till evening.

Heini's top 5 at the moment:

1. Scuba-yoga retreat, terrific combination
2. Baby reef sharks at Lekuan 2
3. New yoghurt maker
4. Kittens
5. Shortpouch pygmy pipehorse / töppöpuikkohevonen

Alistair “Al” Thursby
Diving instructor / Equipment maintenance / Oxygen redistribution specialist

Also known as the dreadlock baker of the island bakes amazing bread and pizza and occasionally sips one ice cold beer down at the safety stop beach bar. Al has been in the island for almost six years – probably longer than any other instructor ever. His laugh is catching but his bar videos are very bad. You'll find him either from the boat, compressor room, sauna or in his house with a playstation controller in his hand.

Ali's top 5 at the moment:

1. Living Colours' new barman Jandi
2. Annika's and Steven's baby girl
3. Bose noise reduction headphones
4. New bread knife from Singapore
5. Is there five already?

See you soon!