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SSI Poseidon MKVI Instructor Course with World Wide Dive and Sail in Komodo, Indonesia

SSI Poseidon MKVI Instructor Course with World Wide Dive & Sail in Komodo, Indonesia


Text by Marcus Benér

Images by Heidi Shappell 



Closup groupRecently Poseidon participated in a joint venture with SSI on board the Indo Siren from the World Wide Dive & Sail (WWDS) fleet. Our mission was to take non-rebreather divers all the way to SSI Poseidon MKVI instructors. The man who was going to lead them there was SSI Instructor Trainer Steve Newman, who has written most parts of the SSI Rebreather Diver Manual.


Everyone who participated flew to Bali where we later took a domestic flight to Bima. At Bima airport the staff of WWDS picked us up and took care of all paper work as well as our luggage. The crew took great care of us when we got on board, preparing dinner for us before it was time to set up the units for the course. The 3 trainees, Beau McCormak, Phil Campey and Neil Thomas were all very excited as Steve took them through the assembly process for the first time. The following morning was going to be their first time diving the unit as we headed for the first island on the trip, Gili Banta.


Group on Dive boatThe first day of diving was a bit of a struggle for our three upcoming SSI Poseidon MKVI Instructors, however they were all getting up to speed quickly with their buoyancy. Buoyancy is always a bit tricky to master when you cross-over from open circuit to closed curcuit and you can’t use your lungs anymore for control. The dive sites that we visited were spectacular, and between drills of skills and excersices we could spot everything from beautiful nudibranches to humpheads, massive schools of fish, and colorful corals. In between the dives we debriefed and breifed with a more than welcome break for food. WWDS had the most amazing and funny cook on board who made us a full variety of things to choose from for every meal. 


Route PS-13-09-KO10

Indo Siren took us around all of the Komodo islands for the 10 days which were dedicated for the course on board. Each dive site was more stunning than the last, and we found a few favorites. At Manta Alley we were surrounded by up to 9 mantas at the same time, and Castle Rock gave us a spectacular view where we got to see schooling and mating sharks. We also spent an hour on Komodo Island to have a closer look at the Komodo dragons. We soaked in the amazing views and a truly spectacular animal - the biggest lizard on earth that can eat a human if it's hungry enough.


The three instructor trainees picked up the new techniques quickly and soon got very excited about joining the Recreational Rebreather Revolution back home in Australia. They all experienced that wonderful feeling of diving in silence without bubbles, and realized they could blend in so gently without disturbing any marine life. 


Komodo landscapeNevertheless, it was hard work for the candidates, with early days and late nights throughout the entire trip. They weren’t finished with the program until the last day, but that was a GREAT last day with dives that would make your eyes pop and heart beat rise. 


I think we could all agree upon one thing after this trip, it would be VERY hard to go back down with bubbles after diving for 10 days in complete silence and harmony with the marine life around Komodo. 


I would like to congratulate our newest heroes with their brand new SSI Poseidon MKVI Instructor certifications, and wish them all the best with their new business oppurtunity.


We have posted videos from this experience on the Dive Poseidon Facebook Page for you to enjoy!