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SE7EN Rebreather Dives to Fall in Love With!

SE7EN Rebreather Dives to Fall in Love With!


In honor of Valentine's Day, we've put together an amazing list of SE7EN Rebreather dives around the world that you will absolutely LOVE! Our Poseidon Rebreather Centers are all equipped to get you in the water on a MKVI or SE7EN, whether you are a certified Rebreather diver or still require your CCR Certification. 

  1. Fiji Siren - Rebreather Diving with Manta Rays & Grey Reef Sharks!
  2. Utila Dive Center - Rebreather Diving with Whale Sharks and Hammerheads!
  3. Dive BVI - Dive into the Rebreather Revolution in the British Virgin Islands!
  4. Indepth Dive College - Experience the Beauty of Thailand while Diving a Poseidon Rebreather!
  5. Orca Dive Clubs - Incredible Rebreather Diving in the Red Sea!
  6. Pana Divers - Guatamala Rebreather Diving at its Best!
  7. Conch Republic Divers - Rebreather Wreck Diving in the Florida Keys!

1. Fiji Siren - Rebreather Diving with Manta Rays & Grey Reef Sharks!

BOAT 01The Fiji Siren is a spectacular livaboard from Worldwide Dive and Sail that accommodates 16 guests for 7-night or 10-night liveaboard trips in Fiji all year round.


During each trip they visit Gau Island to dive the Nigali Passage where currents flow through the channel bringing with them schools of grey reef sharks, barracuda, jacks and the occasional manta ray; a perfect spot for some rebreather diving with sections of reef to hook-in and stabilize yourself, whilst you simply hang back and enjoy a long performance of shark action. There is also the opportunity to witness the sharks mating!


rebreather diversThe Fiji Siren is a rebreather friendly yacht, with a fully trained crew who are ready to assist. Booster pumps supply o2 to rebreather cylinders, whilst we have a stock of filter cartridges on board for the MKVI units. There are also 3 MKVI rental units for those who are certified already, whilst our PADI instructor and cruise director is fully trained to conduct all level of recreational course during your cruise. 


It is recommend to pre-book CCR courses. The Fiji Siren offers a 10% discount to those who pre-book. But you can decide to take a try dive during your trip of course. For more information and to book your trip and course, visit




2. Utila Dive Center - Rebreather Diving with Whale Sharks and Hammerheads!

Hammerheads-in-thermocline-at-Galapagos-on-rebreather-trip-Sept-13The Utila Dive Center is located in the Caribbean Bay Islands and as a PADI Career Development Center offers training at both diver and Instructor level training on the Poseidon MKVI and SE7EN Rebreathers.  The ideal year round training conditions and temperatures of the Caribbean make this the perfect environment for maximizing your bottom times and learning to dive on rebreathers, and also for divers wishing to log dives to become an Instructor, with several boat trips daily allowing maximum dive times of the canister to be achieved.  The fringing reefs and walls of Utila are abundant with aquatic life including whale sharks and hammerhead sharks, and the Poseidon MKVI or SE7EN Rebreather allows divers to get much more intimate encounters and photographs/video of these majestic animals.


John-Nussbaum-with-IT-Andy-Phillips-MKVI-Instructor-course-Utila-Nov-13Since offering training and dive packages on the Poseidon units, the Utila Dive Center has hosted many visiting divers from North America and Europe, and in 2013 certified several divers who then logged more hours on the units whilst on Utila. In September 2013 those divers joined a dedicated rebreather live-aboard trip to dive the Galapagos Islands, organized by Utila Dive Center's Director of Professional Training and MKVI/SE7EN Instructor Trainer Andy Phillips, PADI Course Director Jorge Mahauad of Galapagos Rebreathers and RAID Director of Diving Paul Toomer.


Poseidon-MKVI-Rebreather-Diver-course-Utila-Dive-Center-HondurasThe Utila Dive Center is the only rebreather friendly facility in the Bay Islands and has 3 units for rental, an on-site haskel booster pump for high pressure O2 fills and tanks for rental, and supplies of pre-packed sofnolime. The center also offers training on demand and scheduled MKVI/SE7EN Instructor courses. Week long packages can include hotel stay and certification at open water/advanced levels and cost from $1399 per person (includes training/room/breakfast/dinner). Packages are also available for PADI professionals who are not currently trained on rebreathers, or for Instructors trained on other units, who wish to train on the Poseidon MKVI or SE7EN all the way through to Instructor and log the required 30 dives/hours and assist a course, at affordable pricing options.  For PADI Instructors who are non-rebreather certified through Instructor levels, the all inclusive training price for 30 dives/hours is $3499 per person (not including accommodation/meals/flights). For more information about Utila Dive Center please visit



3. Dive BVI - Dive into the Rebreather Revolution in the British Virgin Islands!

RMS-Rhone-WebIf you only have time for one dive trip in the British Virgin Islands, the RMS Rhone is it. Dive BVI has been leading dives on this spectacular wreck since 1975. Numerous artifacts deposited on October 29, 1867 are still visible today. You’ll also see where the 1977 film classic "The Deep" was shot and get to swim through the amazingly intact bow section as well as under the stern near the large 15 ft propeller. You really get a feel for the size of the RMS Rhone when you swim down the length of the massive driveshaft towards the engine box and gears. No matter how many times you dive on the Rhone, you can still find something new.


Most divers have to dive the wreck in pieces, as normal bottom times keep them from seeing it all in one go.  With Poseidon Rebreathers, divers can easily do the entire 310 ft wreck without having to come up for more gas!  Whether you're on a Poseidon MKVI or SE7EN Rebreather, you can relax and enjoy amazing encounters with spotted eagle rays, turtles, lobsters, and schools of fish on this beautiful and historic wreck.


Not sure what diving a Rebreather feels like?  Do you want to Try it out first? 

Couple-Pool-Try-RBDive BVI is proud to be the first and only dive center in the Virgin Islands to offer Try CCR sessions on the Poseidon MKVI Rebreather.  Utilizing a 2:1 student to instructor ratio, you’ll get lots of time to practice in the water and get comfortable on the unit under the watchful eyes of a professional SSI Rebreather Instructor.  You and your instructor will go over basic rebreather functions and setup as well as a quick history of the development of these units. 


Dive BVI's Try CCR sessions are set up with two pathways:

1. Try CCR – Pool Only = $250 per person

2. Try CCR – Pool and Open Water dive = $350 per person


Upon completion of these experiences, you can continue on into our full Rebreather certification program or just continue on as a Try CCR diver with our team.  You’ll have loads of fun either way!  As this is a semi-private course, reservations are a must.  Please contact us via email at or call 1-800-848-7078 to set up your class dates. For more information about Dive BVI, visit



4. Indepth Dive College - Experience the Beauty of Thailand while Diving a Poseidon Rebreather!

Special with JANE (41)Indepth Dive College, PADI 5* IDC and TecRec S-36108 centre offers Poseidon MKVI diving and courses all the year round to some of the best locations in Thailand, including the Similan Islands, and just to the North the world famous Richelieu Rock in the Surin Islands, which is infamous for Manta Rays and Whale Sharks! Here you can see almost anything there is to be found in the Andaman Sea from the smallest to the largest creatures. It truly is a photographer’s and Rebreather Diver's paradise!!


So what will you see on your dives with us? The waters are so abundant, the question should be "what won't you see!"

19At Richelieu Rock starting in the mid water you can expect to see large schools of Chevron Barracuda. There are also huge schools of Snappers and Fusiliers, and close to the main rocks you can see all species of Angelfish, plenty of species of Anemone fish, and frequently Cuttlefish and Octopus. There are many species of Moray Eels; in almost every crack you will see small White Eyed Morays, as well as Giant Morays, Fimbriated Morays, Zebra Morays and Honeycomb Morays. Pipefish are aplenty, in particular the Janns (cleaner) pipefish, Multibar Pipefish & Ornate Ghost Pipefish. Tiger Tail Seahorses can also be found at Richelieu Rock. There are some very large Malabar Groupers which are normally found on the North West Corner of the dive site. Look carefully and you can expect to see Banded Boxer Shrimps, Cleaner Shrimps and Durban Dancing Shrimps. There are also many Peacock Mantis shrimps found to be scuttling around on the ocean floor. Richelieu Rock also has the very special Harlequin Shrimps but you have to look very closely to find these as well as a huge variety of Nudibranchs. If you are lucky you may also see a Leopard Shark or Guitar Shark at Richelieu Rock. 


ALWAYS keep an eye into the blue for a Manta Ray or Whale Shark. It is possible to see both of these at the same time which is a truly amazing experience!!! These dives sites are liveaboard destinations and Indepth offers MKVI Rebreather trips to these exotic locations from October through May, after which the National Parks are closed to divers.


All year round, Indepth offers you day trips with two or three dives a day to dive sites such as the famous Phi Phi Islands (including Maya Bay where The Beach with Leonardo DiCaprio was filmed), Shark Point, The King Cruiser Wreck, Ko Dok Mai, Anemone Reef; all of which are great Recreational Rebreather Diver dive sites. On special request Indepth can also arrange 3 hour dives at the Racha Islands!


photo 198Indepth Dive College is one of the pioneers of the Poseidon MKVI Recreational Rebreather in Thailand and runs regular PADI Rebreather courses from beginner through to Instructor throughout the year focusing on individual attention keeping all Rebreather courses to a ratio of 2:1. Prices start from around $1,100 USD for the PADI Rebreather Diver course …. or if you are not sure about taking a course, contact them for a Discover Rebreather Experience!!!



SIMILAN (55)Are you interested in completing your Rebreather Course dives in The Similan Islands in the warm waters of the Andaman Sea or at Phi Phi Islands with turtles and sharks ?? Just contact Indepth and they can make that happen! Fancy Diving Richelieu Rock on the MKVI? They can arrange that for you too!!! 


Whether you are bringing your own unit or you would like to rent one, being located just 5 minutes away from Thailand’s Poseidon Distributer and service centre, Indepth has an ample supply of scrubbers, O2 sensors, O-rings, O2 fills / Diluent Fills and tank rentals, or whatever your Rebreather holiday needs might be!!!


To contact Indepth Dive College for more information please visit: and coming soon and e-mail them at or You can also find them on Facebook at: Indepth Dive College for Photos and Updates. To speak with someone in person please contact their PADI Course Director and Rebreather Instructor Trainer Chris Owen at +66 (0)81 862 8267



5. Orca Dive Clubs - Incredible Rebreather Diving in the Red Sea!

MKVI-diver-OrcaOrca Dive Clubs have several locations worldwide including the Red Sea (Egypt), Indonesia, Cape Verde, and Mauritius. This particular post will focus on the Orca Dive Club Safaga, which is one of the leading specialists in rebreather training and organized activities in the Red Sea. Their rebreather dedicated facilitiy offers the qualified rebreather user ample space for assembling/disassembling, and washing their unit. A rebreather room is next door for storing units when not in use. Anybody who has been to the Red Sea knows what a harsh environment it is and how equipment can suffer. Orca Dive Club Safarga has now have gone one step further to help protect your equipment from that desert dust. The Rebreather room is spacious and clean and acts as a safe secure lockable storage room for your rebreather. It has ample power supply sockets so you can charge your torch, camera or even rebreather as well as 10 rebreather trollies (tables on wheels with supports for your rebreather). The trollies can be used for the duration of your stay and have ample set-up space and storage capabilities. With the unit assembled you can then transport your kit to the boat on the trolley. On your return at the end of the days diving simply put your rebreather on your trolley push it back, wash it down and put it in storage over night. 


2-Divers-OrcaOne of the true highlights off Safaga is Panorama, which is the most northerly site in the off-shore reef chain. This huge seamount rising up to just below the surface from a depth of 400+m offers exchilarating diving for all experience levels. You will find two divesites on this reef. The first is the world renowned "South Plateau" with its ever famous gorgonian chimney and anemone city. Boats moor up on the sheltered south western side of the main reef and here you will make your entry into the water. Depth here on this sheer wall side is 80+m, with its abundance of hard and soft corals patrolling napoleons, maurding jacks and large schools of fuseiliers. Making your way onto the plateau you will encounter large groupers, giant morays, blue spotted stingrays and lion fish to name just a few. Moving onto the eastern side of the south plateau situated on the drop-off in 27m of water is a most incredible sight. A large cluster of giant gorgonian fans surround a crack in the reef that drops to well over 50m. These gorgonian fans with their resident long nose hawkfish are intertwined with beautiful soft corals and is a feast for the senses. It is not uncommon to see schools of tuna, large open water rays and reef sharks from this point. 


The north plateau with its pristine hard coral garden is an exhilarating drift dive, but can only be undertaken when weather permits. The forests of gorgonian fans, whip, brush and delicate black corals that stretch out along the drop-off in depths ranging from 27-40m are simply breath taking. Large schools of fuseliers, unicorn surgeon fish, tunas and passing turtles can be enjoyed while you are being carried by the normally strong northerly current. Encounters with dolphins are no rarity here.


Panorama with its drop-off is also the ideal location for technical diving, and with some stunning landscapes, caves and overhangs in the depth range 65-100m, this site will be enjoyed by even the veteran "tekkie".


power_point_0900x600If you are not a CCR certified diver but would like to get certified while diving the Red Sea, Orca Dive Club Safaga offers an IART Poseidon Rebreather Course. This course will teach you the required abilities, knowledge and techniques to dive responsibly with the closed circuit Poseidon MKVI rebreather to a maximum depth of 40 meters and within no-decompression limits. After successful completion of the course you will be able to dive with and purchase your own Poseidon MKVI Rebreather. 


For more information and bookings visit  or email


6. Pana Divers - Guatamala Rebreather Diving at its Best!

Aerial view Ocean Pana DiversGuatemala is a paradise nestled in Central America, where you will find plenty of attractions, as well as great diving including the Atlantic Coast with Belize, high altitude lakes such as like Atitlán, and ship wrecks off our Pacific Coast. If you are a CCR certified diver or would like to get certified while visiting Guatemala, Pana Divers has everything you need including Poseidon Rebreathers and instruction. 


CoralIn the Atlantic, Pana Divers' base of operations in Amatique Bay Resort and Marina offers dives in the Caribbean of Guatemala, which touches the Southern Tip of Belize. You can stay at the resort either in the Pana Divers real state or at the hotel accommodations. From Amatique Bay Pana Divers offers various dive locations like Sea Mounds, Cabo Tres Puntas, King Fish, and the Zapodilla Cayes with an overnight stay. The water temperature in the Atlantic Coast of Guatemala is between 70 and 80 degrees F and the visibility, depending on the currents, can vary from 10 to 50 feet.


Zapodilla CayesWith a short 1 ½ hr. boat ride from Guatemala, Pana Divers offers divers access to the Zapodilla Cayes, the most southern part of the Belize Reef. This location offers world class diving with breathtaking canyons overlooking the drop off that plunge down to the Continental Plate 4,000 feet below. The water temperature is 78 to 82 degrees F. The trip to the Zapodillas is a true adventure that offers an atmosphere of wilderness, excitement, along with safety and lots of fun on an overnight stay in rustic Belize bungalows. Depending on the time of year you can see turtles, sharks, rays, and dolphins.  The reef has an abundance of reef fish, snappers, groupers, barracudas, moray eels, and lion fish.


For more information visit or email


7. Conch Republic - Rebreather Wreck Diving in the Florida Keys! 

The Florida Keys provides a great training and diving area for CCR diving. In the area surrounding Conch Republic Divers there are 4 artificial reefs that were placed in 100' to 145' of water. These wrecks are the perfect platform for diving the Posideon MKVI or SE7EN rebreather. One of the favorite dives in the Keys is the wreck of the Eagle. Sitting in 115' of water and on her side it is teeming with aquatic life, and diving her on the rebreather offers you up close views of those animals.  


IMG_2061Conch Republic Divers has had several customers who have switched from other rebreathers to the Posideon MKVI or SE7EN for the ease of assembly, packing, and shipping the unit. Conch Republic Divers offers two types of try rebreather classes where you can try the Posideon MKVI even if you've never dived before. One option is to sign up for the pool only session, or if you want to take it one step further you may opt for the pool and two dives off of their boat with an instructor. Both are an experiences you'll never forget.


For more information about rebreather diving in the Florida Keys with Conch Republic Divers, visit them at or email


If you are traveling to a destination not mentioned in this post and would like to locate a nearby Poseidon Rebreather Center, visit and search our worldwide Rebreather Center database or email us at


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