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Rebreather Workshop in Dallas – January 24

Rebreather Fundamentals Workshop – Saturday January 24 from 8am – noon_JEH3825l

at Our World Underwater – Dallas

Classroom session: $75

Tickets available online at:

(space is limited)

Enjoy a half-day academic session with CCR expert Jill Heinerth. Using fascinating stories and a multimedia presentation, Jill will cover all the essentials of rebreather diving.

If you are looking to purchase a rebreather, this is an opportunity to learn how to be a wise consumer and make the choice that is right for you.

If you already own a rebreather and want a review of academics, new trends and the future of CCR diving, then this seminar will offer an opportunity to gather new information.

If you want to prevent yourself from joining the ranks of 20 or so people who perish each year on rebreathers, this workshop will inform you about accident analysis and prevention.

If you want a half day in a small group with an expert who will carefully answer your questions and help you find solutions, then this is your best opportunity to spend time with Jill.

If you want to see how rebreathers are being used in exciting expeditions around the world, this full-day road show will entertain and motivate you to participate in CCR diving.

The workshop is non-denominational… all training agencies and all manufacturers are welcome. All levels of divers are welcome from recreational through technical divers.


Rebreather operations and procedures

Basics, types, operation and essential care

Selecting a rebreather: comparing apples and oranges

Selecting an instructor

Understanding CE testing

Myths and misconceptions about rebreather diving

Carbon dioxide: dangerous and ignored

Reducing oxygen issues

Planning for the future: deep mixed-gas operations

Accident analysis and prevention: beating the complacency trap

Traveling with rebreathers: tips and warnings

Lots of time for questions!