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Poseidon Trains US Navy Divers and Support Units

Poseidon Trains US Navy Divers and Support Units 

XStream Regulator

The US Navy approves only Poseidon regulators for cold water diving, and in preparation for the delivery of the equipment, Quality Manager Jörgen Nilsson from the HQ in Sweden and Todd Martin, US Service trainer from the Houston office, teamed up at the Joint Expeditionary Base Little Creek in Virginia Beach to train US Navy EOD divers, Deep divers and support elements of these units on servicing the regulators.
The service course was divided into two segments, where the first two days were spent training seven Service Technician Instructors, who got a run-through of all Poseidon regulators and practical training on how to service all of these regulators. This was in preparation of the following two days, where these Service Technician instructors in turn trained an additional fifteen divers/technicians on how to service Poseidon equipment.
Xstream DiagramPoseidon has conducted courses like this throughout the Navy in Virginia, San Diego, and Guam. The US Coast Guard will soon be following suit with training as well. Since the Navy has adopted Poseidon regulators for cold and deep water diving they have received training for approximately 60 technicians with more on the horizon.
The chance to train the sailors who will actually be using the equipment in the field gives a unique opportunity for immediate feed-back and a chance for us to share information and experience that is otherwise difficult to do through a service manual. This service training is giving the divers the best possible start for using their new cold water diving equipment.

We will also bring back with us information passed on to us by the divers, that will help us provide the US Navy with a high level of support and future product improvements that will fit the needs of the US Navy divers even better.