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North Sulawesi – Nature lovers' paradise

Tarsius in North Sulawesi picture DeDan.


Obviously North Sulawesi is famous for its amazing diving: Bunaken, Bangka and Lembeh Strait, but it's not just the underwater world that is truly amazing here.


1. Tangkoko National Park

Tangkoko National Park is about 2 hour car ride from Manado and is one of the best places in the world to spot world's smallest primate Tarsius Tarsier. In Tangkoko you can also see Black tailless monkeys, wild pigs, kuskus, hornbills and many tropical birds, green vipers... Read more:


Tangkoko National Park / DeDan Living Colours


2. Tasikoki Wildlife Rescue Center

The Tasikoki Wildlife Rescue Center is a rescue, rehabilitation and release center dor animals saved from the illegal wildlife trade. Visit or become a volunteer! Read more:


3. Tomohon area

Wonderful flower gardens, visit Lake Linow and hot springs, famous Tomohon traditional market, this beautiful highland village has charm you won't forget. Read more:

Tarsius in North Sulawesi picture Heini Harsila


4. Mt. Lokon and mt. Mahawu

Interested of doing some mountain climbing or easier trekking in the volcanic jungle? Mt. Mahawu is easy option and Lokon for more advanced trekkers. Both giants located in Tomohon.
Read more:

Green viper / DeDan Living Colours


5. Climbing Manado Tua

Usually we just dive there but hey, why not climb it. Ali won't join you though, he's done it once and regrets it badly. He said no one told it was so high! :D But others say it's great!

Read more about trips:


Tarsius in North Sulawesi picture DeDan.


 All pictures except Lake Linov are taken by DeeDanz

Lake Linov picture Heini Härsilä.