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Lead Rescue Diver for Artemis Racing Uses Poseidon Dive Gear

Nathan Hislop, Lead Rescue Diver for Artemis Racing Uses Poseidon Dive Gear

Artemis Racing PicArtemis Racing, challenger in the 34th America's Cup, recently launched our second AC72 and we are back on the water training. Practice runs are going well, and the new boat is really flying.  Everyone on the team is excited and ready to give it our all.


Safety of the crew is of critical importance to us, and much has been done to ensure that our safety operations are at full capacity. As the lead rescue diver supporting the Artemis Racing team, I bring a breadth of experience in various diving situations, including 7 years in the NZ military as a diver and instructor, several years experience as a commercial diver, and many years as a professional sailor. I am extremely aware of my responsibility for the safety of the team and the need to give them the confidence they need to do their absolute best.


Poseidon is my dive gear of choice. I have been using the Poseidon dry suit, backpack, Cyklon regulator, as well as the military spec mask and fins. I am really impressed by it all. The dry suit is perfect for the frigid San Francisco Bay where I am continually called upon to enter the water to inspect the yacht's underwater equipment. The Cyklon regulator is clearly well engineered, robust, and durable and performs well even in the deep waters. My complete Poseidon setup is unusually comfortable, which allows me to be free of distraction and focused on operations rather than worrying about my kit. It is very easy to clean and maintain, and gives me an overall feeling of confidence when using it. Poseidon dive gear and especially the Cyklon regulator is a critical piece of the Artemis team's safety equipment. I hope we never have to use it in a live rescue situation, but if we do, I'll be glad I have it.


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