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It's time to get nude!

Nudibranchs at Bunaken Marine Park /Havula

Nudibranchs at Bunaken Marine Park /Havula


Well yes when we go to sauna we get naked. That's what Al is gonna talk to you about next time. But this time I'm just gonna tell few things about nudis, those naked gill guys who happen to be the candies of the reefs, beautiful little sea slugs.

Did you know there's more than 3000 species of nudibranchs? The number is unbelievable, I wonder how many painters God had when he/she was creating these marvelous creatures. New species are being discovered all the time and also us here in Bunaken National Park have encountered many never before seen species. Go to if you can't find nudi you spotted in any of your fish books and find out if you really have found new species or did it just look very different than the ones in the book!

Did you know that nudibranchs are carnivores? They eat each other - among other things. Their daily diet also includes other slugs, coral, sponge and fish eggs... Few years ago we had a guest who was studying nudis and she told us some species also eat coral with algae and that algae is actually able to do photosynthesis with sun and that's how nudi can be fed with nutrients for long time (even in the tank with no food!). How cool is that!?

They don't live very long, from few weeks up to one year. And they taste bad, I've heard. But they really like to be photographed. Maybe on your next visit you will bring a UW camera and start hunting these beasts with it!



About Nudi Pixel

Nudi Pixel, as the name suggests, is a website dedicated to Nudibranchs. Well, some of you might be asking "Why nudibranchs?", why not a shrimp site, a fish identification site, a turtle site, a coral site or maybe a sponge site? Aside from their obvious beauty and mystery, nudibranchs have played an important role in the friendship of the three founders of this website: Erwin Kodiat, Yuji Law and Hengky Dotulong. They are all fascinated by nudibranchs, their gorgeous colors, texture and rarity are always the main topic of conversation when these three meet. And they really can talk about an exciting new nudibranch they discovered from lunch till dinner!

Therefore, after they each independently amassed large collections of nudibranch photos, they decided to set up a website dedicated to Nudibranchs. Nudi Pixel serves as an online reference tool for Nudibranch lovers. Each species of Nudibranch in the website has detailed photo references, location and scientific classification. To make the website more competent and attractive, we have designed it in such a way that every Nudibranch will have at least two images for reference. We are proud to report that some of the Nudibranchs uploaded to Nudi Pixel are being identified and examined by leading nudibranch experts like Dr. Dave Behrens, Dr. Richard Willan and Neville Coleman.

Nudi Pixel also hopes to create a stockpile of Nudibranch images for reference purposes. These images are contributed by friends and fellow Nudibranch lovers from around the globe. Here, the Nudi Pixel team would like to thank each and every one of you for your images, efforts and support to develop this reference website