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Freedom without Strobes

Photography without Strobes

Today I decided to take a fun dive with my girlfriends Renee Power and Pam Wooten. It was a casual day of diving Pam Tannic 1020086land that gave me the freedom to experiment. I’ve been testing the Aquatica AGH4 housing with the Panasonic Lumix GH4 camera and decided to shoot some still photos. I was determined to forego using any strobes. Light & Motion offers an interesting suite of lights these days and I decided to use the new compact Sola 3000 video lights. Most of the time I used them on low power. I found the results to be extremely natural looking. I created a warm white balance to compliment the beauty of the tannic water of the Santa Fe River. The flesh tones were warm and natural looking and I found it easier to get a balanced exposure in this setting (which has a great deal exposure latitude). I’ll certainly be doing a lot more of this. It is very freeing to skip the strobes and use continuous light instead. The Sola 3000 lights offered a beautiful soft, wide beam, good coverage and long burn time.

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