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First Russian Female PADI Poseidon SE7EN Instructor Trainer

First Russian Female PADI POSEIDON SE7EN Instructor Trainer


Presenting First Poseidon Se7en Rebreather in Russia

We checked in with Olga Volgina, Russia's first female PADI POSEIDON SE7EN Instructor Trainer to see how life has been since becoming a Rebreather Instructor Trainer. 


"Since I became a Rebreather Instructor Trainer, I feel that I can educate people in Russia about Rebreather diving as an extension and alternative to traditional scuba diving. Training of new instructors allows the diving industry (I mean diving with rebreathers) to excel and not stand still! I have translated the rebreather manuals for students and instructors so the students taking a course can read the manuals in their native language. In addition, rebreather instructors receive these translated manuals for teaching Poseidon rebreather courses.


Olga trainingMoreover, I’ll plan train many more CCR Tec instructors. In my experience many divers choosing to dive with rebreathers, as a rule, like to continue their training to become Rebreather Instructors.


I like the POSEIDON SE7EN Rebreather because it is very user friendly with the ability to be upgraded, allowing divers to gradually expand their training and experience from non-technical to technical dives over time." 



The PADI TecRec blog posted the following interview with Olga in May:

What is your background and current involvement in diving?

I received my PADI OWD certificate in 2002 and my PADI Instructor ratingin 2004. Now I’m a PADI Course Director, Emergency First Response Instructor Trainer and PADI Rebreather Poseidon MK6/SE7EN Instructor Trainer. I’m also a Head of the Educational Department in the CDC Diving Centre Akvanavt (Moscow, Russia).

How did you get into tec diving?

I first enrolled for Poseidon MK6 Rebreather Diver Course in 2012 and finished it in 2013. Probably, such a long period was necessary for me, I needed to dispel all my fears and illusions concerning diving with rebreathers.

10649851_717006231706573_794915300468706577_nThe POSEIDON SE7EN Rebreather is TypeR (that means recreational, but it can be easily upgraded to technical), and it is impossible to call diving with it fully technical. I can’t but mention that quality of diving with rebreathers differ from what we have with the open-circuit. Rebreather divers are absolutely silent, you can be closer to the underwater world as you are imperceptible for underwater inhabitants, you can approach them and take underwater pictures, for example, which you would never make with the open-circuit. Besides, I personally like the fact that it is possible to stay underwater much longer, without exceeding no decompression limits and being low on gases. Isn’t it a dream of any diver? Personally I like it very much!

Why did you become a Rebreather Instructor Trainer?

It’s obvious: I understand that if we want to develop diving with rebreathers in Russia, we need more PADI Rebreather Instructors than we have now.

Many people abstain to make dives with rebreathers, thinking that it’s too complicated. I like to teach divers and Instructors and show the advantages of diving with rebreathers.

10007068_630101747063689_789916379_nDo you have any specialized areas of interest?

Actually at the moment I dive my POSEIDON SE7EN within recreational limits, but I won’t stop at what I have achieved and I am planning to receive my PADI Tec CCR Instructor qualification and Instructor Trainer rating later on. I also really enjoy discovering for myself already familiar divesites in Russia with my rebreather.

What do think the greatest challenges are in this kind of diving?

The skills you need to master to use a recreational rebreather aren’t so difficult. The attitude towards what you do is important. You should strictly follow rules of rebreather diving, you should develop a habit of controlling displays and correctly responding to problems which can happen.

What are the most important attributes of a tec diver for the type of diving you do?

I consider that the main attribute of any TecRec diver is a reasonably prudent head on their shoulders!

1901890_620866467987217_1160553247_nWhat are the most likely mistakes a tec diver can make in your kind of diving?

Neglecting procedures of preparation and planning.

How do you prepare for a demanding technical dive?

Actually the POSEIDON SE7EN makes preparation for diving a little bit easier. It passes many tests independently.  The main thing to remember is this: if any test hasn’t been passed, it is STRICTLY forbidden to dive with such a rebreather. However, some tests have to be executed manually. One should never neglect these operations as the price for a mistake can be too high!

What were your best or worst tec diving experiences?

I’ll tell about my best experience: diving for the first time with a rebreather in the Red Sea, I understood how many creatures remain “off-screen” if you dive with an open-circuit. For example, if you approach an Eel Garden with an open-circuit, you can watch them only from far away whereas using a rebreather you get the chance to observe them from a really short distance.

Olga and team cropWhat influences your selection of dive gear?

Reliability of equipment is the main factor for me.

What kind of person do you want diving in the same team as you?

Responsible for himself/herself and for everything he or she does.

What advice would you give to someone thinking of getting into tec diving?

It is necessary to remember that in tec diving there are no unimportant things and even if you have enough experience you should never neglect any issues or problems, even if at first sight they seem to be insignificant.

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