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Grant after my bandaging exercise for my EFRI course

Grant after my bandaging skill demonstration

Spent the weekend in LA with Grant working on my Emegency First Responder (EFR) Instrutor course.

EFR is a requirement for becoming a Rescue Diver which is a requirement for Master Scuba Diver and Divemaster. Learning EFR was a really interesting and important part of my diving development where I focused on developing skills to help others for the first time in my dive training.

EFR is a sister organization to PADI and isn’t limited to diving. The EFR course teaches CPR, AED, First Aid, Oxygen providing and illness assessment training.

While it was very cool to learn EFR, learning to teach EFR was really interesting. Clearly, one learns a skill much better when one has to teach it, but the idea of teaching all of my friends and family, even the non-divers, EFR seems really important.

The American Heart Association (AHA) and International Liaison Committee on Resuscitation (ILCOR) recently released a new protocol which hasn’t been reflected in the training materials, but has gone out as a notification. Grant and I worked out what the new lesson should look like for now, but it makes it a bit tricky since we’re now teaching a protocol that is slightly different from the protocol in the video and books. The good news is that the new protocol is slightly more simple than is used to be.

As I imagine having to teach the hundreds of people in the various companies that I’m associated with, I imagine that I might need to start thinking about becoming an EFRI Trainer to teach the teachers. Oh no! ;-)