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Diving in the World of Warcraft - Vashj'ir

On my seahorse in Vashj'ir

Sitting on my seahorse in Vashj’ir

Someone said, “Joi’s into diving because he ran out of levels in World of Warcraft.” I’ve noticed more than a casual similarity in my post about the DES Quest.

The expansion to the World of Warcraft, Cataclysm, extends the level cap from level 80 to level 85, adds a bunch of new content, zones, and cool new features like guild achievements. Although I was still the guild leader of my guild, We Know, I’d dropped out of playing very much and was focused mostly on just administrative stuff.

With the expansion, I’ve started playing again. The last few days, I’ve been working on Vashj’ir, one of the starting zones. Now, not only does diving seem like WoW, but WoW is like diving. It’s a zone that’s underwater. There are lots of great reefs, tons of aquatic wildlife and even diving lingo like buoyancy, divemasters, lift bags… It’s really fun/funny.

Talking to my divemaster in Vashj'ir

Talking to the divemaster