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Divemaster update

For the last few months, I’ve been working on my Divemaster certification and training. For non-scuba divers, “Master Scuba Diver” (which I am) and “Divemaster” sound confusingly similar, but they’re very different.

A Master Scuba Diver is the highest non-professional rating at PADI. All you need to be is a Rescue Diver with 5 Specialty Diver certifications and 50 dives.

A Divemaster is the first and lowest level on the professional diver path. A Divemaster is essentially someone qualified lead a dive for certified divers, assist instructors in teaching courses and teach some limited courses themselves. The Divemaster training and qualification involves theory, learning how to teach, demonstration quality skills, stamina waterskill trials and a bunch of practical skills like mapping, dive site setup, search and recovery and deep diving. The certification also requires a number of interships and workshops with students and 60 total logged dives.

I’m down to a few final exercises, skills and workshops and if I’m lucky I’ll be done this week. I’ve completed all of the exams and the trials. Grant is in Dubai working with the local dive community while overseeing with Ernst, the completion of my training.

It’s really interesting as I slowly shift from being the “client” to the “worker ant” in the hierarchy of dive instructors, but it’s extremely challenging and fun and I’m really looking forward to continuing my education and training as well as beginning to help others learn about and enjoy their diving.