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Continuing Evolution of the MR11 Light

 Side By Side Lights

I was doing my morning walk through the shop today (every morning I walk the two buildings, check on each department and look over products in for service). Today I saw a light in for service and smiled. It was in for an upgrade from HID to LED and the light was twelve years old, how did I know that, it was the original gray metal of the MR11 series light.

In 2001 we added the MR 11 HID to the line and the new small head became our most popular light. We have sold over 10,000 of these lights since 2001 and in 2008 we converted to LED technology.

The one thing I wanted to offer divers was an upgrade path to new technology when it came out. We put our efforts into maintaining the MR11 series for this reason. So when I saw a twelve year old light in for upgrade I thought “mission accomplished”. We have completed 75 upgrades in the first quarter of 2013 and average 5 to 10 a week on vintage lights.

Our MR11 series LED is our proprietary design, it’s the only way to ensure we can continue offering divers a way to upgrade. This has made our lights popular with law enforcement and military.

The MR 11 series is scheduled for brighter LED upgrades later this year and as always there will be an upgrade path for MR11 owners. If you were thinking about buying a RX10 but are going to wait after reading this, don’t because there will be a very special deal for RX10 owners.