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Conducting Successful Poseidon MKVI Demo Dives

Conducting Successful Poseidon MKVI Demo Dives


If you are reading this you have probably decided to invest your time and money into the rebreather revolution and I would like to start by congratulating you for making this step. Your first and most important job right now is to get the "buzz" going around your Poseidon MKVI training and the best way of doing that is by conducting exciting and successful Demo Dives on the Poseidon MKVI.


My name is Daniel Benér and I am very pleased to say that I am a dedicated Poseidon MKVI instructor, which has played a huge role in my diving career and has also made a big impact on the way I perceive the art of diving and what is possible. When I jumped into that pool 3 years ago with Poseidon MKVI on my back I immediately knew that this would change everything. I thought "This is the way diving should be! During the past 3 years I have conducted several Demo Dives on the unit and have figured out what is good and what is not so good to do. I will now share my thoughts on: How to conduct successful Poseidon MKVI Demo Dives.



TryDive Custom imageSpread the word through all different channels; e-mail newsletters, posters, Facebook, social media, telephone, mouth to mouth and so on. Use pictures that look exciting and show the MKVI close up along with people interacting with each other and the unit. You want to show the participants that the rebreather revolutions is a cool and exciting thing which everyone is welcome to join in on. You want to communicate that this rebreather is not complicated to use as long as you stick to the check lists and appropriate diving rules. Your first marketing target is the more experienced divers that perhaps are struggling to find that excitement that they once felt towards diving. It is important to get your current instructor and divemaster base engaged in the rebreather revolution. If you get them on the hook you probably don't need to spend that much time on marketing the revolution, as the word spreads quickly in the dive community from my experience.


Here are some things that you can focus on when promoting the Demo Dives on the Poseidon MKVI:




* Experience the SILENCE

* LONGER DIVES = I like to call it super nitrox diving =)

* Better BUOYANCY (once you get the hang of it) 

* WARM moist air which you don't need to breath like Darth Wader. =)





When conducting the Demo Dives make sure you follow the standards of the given training organization that you are working with. The standards are there to protect your students and your organization. 


When preparing your unit(s) for the Demo Dives make sure you have plenty of time and that you charge the batteries the day before (otherwise you may have an unpleasant surprise). Stress and rebreather diving doesn't mix so make sure you have plenty of time to prepare!


My personal opinion is that you should not give the Demo Dives away for free and instead use them as marketing tool. Free Demo Dives will only give you a lot of bad leads which will waist your time. You need to value your time but also your participants' time. In addition, you need to give each student more time in the water rather then less. If they have invested their time and money into doing this Demo Dive, you need to give them value for their money. A 20 minute try dive wont do it in my opinion. Make sure they get at least 30-40 minutes in the water. It takes time to get use to the rebreather world of diving, as I am sure you have experienced yourself! So give your students a fair chance to get into it. They won't become pros, but they will get the experience they need to take your offered course! =)


From my experience the pool just doesn't cut it when it comes to rebreather diving, you need to get out into the ocean or a lake. One of the main reasons for this is because the solenoid fires more frequently in the shallower waters of the pool. Another big reason is the sterile environment in the pool, which doesn't let the diver interact with wild life and perhaps for the first time HEAR the ocean! Remember to follow the standards from your given training organization when conducting Demo Dives in the open ocean. If you can't find a good spot in the ocean or a lake to make the Demo Dives in a safe manner don't worry about it, and make the best of the pool experience!



Getting ready to go in waterIf you have a group of 5-10 people that want to do the try dive it is recommended to gather them all together at once to do the initial dive theory introduction. My walk throughs are usually between 30 minutes to 1 hour, depending on the crowd's knowledge and questions. I put a lot of focus  on my own experiences and excitement around the Poseidon MKVI. If the students feel that you are really thrilled about showing them the world of rebreather diving, they will almost always walk away with a smile on their face and perhaps sign up right there for your course.


Make sure that everyone gets to witness the start up of the unit so they can see for themselves how smooth and quick the start up is. When the system is running, brief your students on which test is currently running and what it does. If you do this over and over again you will become even better over time at presenting the different tests at the automatic start up.


You need to have a divemaster or an instructor present at the surface to help you out with any issues that may occur, and they should also talk to the participants that currently aren't in the water. This personal touch plays a very important role in selling your Poseidon MKVI courses, so make sure that the instructors and divemasters you choose to help run the Demo Dive are dedicated rebreather divers.


If a student gets a warning on the machine make sure that you are close by to take the correct action. After you have corrected everything, brief the student on what has happened. If you don't take your time doing this they will most likely walk away from the Demo Dive with an uneasy feeling about rebreathers. I always emphasize the fact that the Poseidon MKVI wants to keep you alive and safe. If their is something wrong it will warn you, which isn't always the case with normal OC equipment, where you have to figure out the problem yourself in many of the cases. My goal is always that the participants shouldn't feel uneasy or afraid of the alarms from the Poseidon MKVI, but happy that the machine is so smart that it will protect you as a diver.


After Diving

collageWhen you reach the surface make sure that you congratulate them on their first ever dive on the Poseidon MKVI. And let them share their thoughts and show them once again that you are excited for them that they got to make this Demo Dive.


Make sure that people understand that it doesn't take ages to take care of your rebreather after diving, once you get a hang of it. Of course there are are some added aspects that you need to take into account before and after diving, but they are not as frustrating or time consuming as many people make you believe. 


Remember that you are the most important corner stone in the whole Demo Dive session. If you are excited and happy about having the students in the water, they are more likely to join your next Poseidon MKVI course. It is also a good idea to make students review the Demo Dive through a pre-made evaluation form. If they do this it is easier for you to respond back to them and promote the courses. Make sure to have the next dive course date ready and promote it during the course of the Demo Dive.


I wish you the best of luck with all your future Poseidon MKVI Demo Dives, and let's bring the rebreather revolution to all divers out there! =) 


Yours truly,


Daniel Benér

Dedicated Poseidon MKVI Instructor