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A Successful Poseidon MKVI ''Try Rebreather'' Experience

A Successful Poseidon MKVI "Try Rebreather" Experience

By Daniel Benér
On an early Saturday morning my friend, Michael Nilsson and I (Daniel Benér) packed 4 Poseidon MKVIs into our car and started driving towards Lysekil. Lysekil is beautiful harbor city about one and a half hours north from Gothenburg, Sweden. It was a warm and sunny summer morning so we were quite pleased with our choice of dates for this little try rebreather session. An added bonus was the location, which gave us fantastic views both above and underneath the water.
collageWe arrived and started to fill up diluent and oxygen bottles at Dive Team Lysekil which has a perfect spot for their dive shop. It's located right by the harbor and they are walking distance to the fantastic dive site called Släggö. After filling up everything we went down to the dock and rigged our beach flags and assembled the rebreathers. We were fortunate that some of the participants were already on site so we could show them how we assembled the MKVI units. They were all intrigued and of course excited to do the try dives on the Poseidon MKVI in the ocean at this lovely dive site.
After a 30 minute dive theory brief on rebreathers, we sat down to do the mandatory 5 minute pre breathe. This was the perfect opportunity to explain the MKVI display to the participants and all the information that it gives you. When all units had been tested for a breathable loop we geared up and headed into the water. Michael assisted on land while I instructed the divers on the surface and underwater. After performing a skill session in the shallow water we headed out for a swim. I have never seen divers adjust so quickly to the difference in buoyancy that the rebreather gives you. 
When diving on a rebreather you dive on something called "the loop". It loops the air around and around, reusing the air by scrubbing out the increased levels of carbon dioxide and adding oxygen that you metabolize. The fact that you loop the air has an affect on your buoyancy. Unlike open circuit diving, on a closed circuit rebreather you will not have minor depth changes when you inhale and exhale. You will only change depth with the help of your dry suit or BCD. When I did my first rebreather dive I had some serious issues with this fact. The rule generally is: the more experienced you are on open circuit the longer it will take to get used to the buoyancy of a rebreather. But when you get the hang of it you will feel closer to true weightlessness.
But as I said, this group of test divers were excellent on their buoyancy! Because of the amazing dive site, we were able to get some close encounters with the wild life, which is another big advantage of diving with a bubble-free unit. I actually got to see a trout close up for the first time! They are usually very very shy and cautious animals, but on the rebreather we were able to get up close
After the dives there were a lot of big smiles and laughs on the dock from all participants. They were thrilled about what they just had experienced as well as it wasn't as hard as they initially thought. We all parted as good friends having shared an incredible experience.
I hope you also will take your chance to do a try rebreather experience on the Poseidon MKVI. Perhaps it will change the way you will perceive diving, as it did for me.
To find a Poseidon Rebreather Center near you so that you can participate in a Poseidon MKVI Try Rebreather Experience Click Here
Daniel Benér 
Dedicated Poseidon MKVI Instructor