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3-D IMAX Filmmaker DJ Roller Relies on Poseidon Time and Again

3-D IMAX Filmmaker DJ Roller Relies on Poseidon Time and Again

DJ Roller, known for his films The Last Reef 3-D,  Great White Shark, and soon to be released IMAX / Warner Brothers film based in Raja Ampat Indonesia (filmed in conjunction with Howard Hall), has customized his cameras to revolutionize filmmaking. For the filming of The Last Reef where his innovation allowed him to get much closer to subjects while shooting incredibe footage than no other 3-D camera had before. "The custom unit includes the first underwater housing for what’s called a beamsplitter 3-D camera, which can capture tight macro shots but until now was used only on land. Roller also designed a polarized dive mask that lets him review footage underwater in 3-D and make changes on the fly, thus maximizing his window of time for documenting the spawning," as stated in Wired Magazine. 


Roller has been faithfully using Poseidon gear since 1986 and claims his Xstream regulator is with him on nearly every dive; "I love the design and it is the most reliable regulator I've ever experienced, even in the toughest conditions." He shot the most recent IMAX Indonesia film (to be released in the very near future) while diving with his Poseidon MKVI rebreather. "The MKVI allowed me to get up close to my subjects and stay underwater shooting for hours. It's also incredibly comfortable and user-friendly, making my job that much easier when I don't have to worry about complicated equipment. When I am shooting, I prefer to rear mount the counter lungs which is so easy to do with this unit. After 7 weeks of shooting for multiple hours per day, I can truly say that the MKVI is my rebreather of choice," states Roller. Check out the "Behind the Scenes" footage from the IMAX Indonesia shoot, captured by Krabi Imaging. 


Imax behind the scenes from Krabi Imaging on Vimeo.


What's next for DJ Roller? He has a project coming up that is still evolving and he will give us more information as it's available. It is pretty exciting stuff!