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Black Belt Divers is Cousteau Dive Center

The Cousteau Dive center program is launching in January 2016 with the 50 first dive centers and Black Belt Divers is one of them.
Cousteau Divers is launching an ocean revolution: Project Hermes. We’re going to take the temperature of the ocean. Literally. We’re in 2015 and nobody is monitoring the temperature of the ocean beneath the surface. How can we manage ocean resources sustainably without this missing piece of the puzzle?
Black Belt Divers will make a crucial impact as a Cousteau Dive center by collecting dive computer temperature profiles and offering temperature calibration dives to customers with the high-tech equipment. We can't wait to help study and protect the ocean with you and your diving centre, Black Belt Divers.


-  Pierre-Yves Cousteau, August 26th 2015


Please help us achieve our fundraising goal in order to do this!

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